5 Slow Cooker Tips for Newbies

Congratulations on getting in to slow cooking! There are a few slow cooker tips that every cook should know. Some of us, myself included, learned these tricks the hard way. You have the benefit of finding this post first.

Slow Cooker with Veggies

  1. Keep The Lid On
  2. I know it’s tempting to open it up and look take a peek at the recipe that’s making your whole home smell great (I’m guilty of this, too), but every time you remove the lid you’re letting out a lot of heat, releasing a lot of moisture, and adding 15 minutes or so to the cook time.

  3. Trim The Fat
  4. Not only will this make your recipe a bit healthier, but it will also improve the quality of the sauce you’re cooking your meal in. The less fat, the less greasy the end result will be.

  5. Hold The Dairy
  6. Milk, cream, cheese, and sour cream will break down and get nasty if you add them too early. Save them for last and mix them in to your dish 10-15 minutes before serving.

  7. Don’t Overfill / Don’t Underfill
  8. Too little and your food might overcook and get gross, too much and it might not fully cook at all, or it will take too long and become mush. I try to keep my slow cooker between about one-third and three-quarters full. If you’re cooking something small, get a smaller slow cooker.

  9. Hate Cleaning? Use A Liner!
  10. I’m not personally a fan of these, but if you hate cleaning your slow cooker as much as my wife does you can get slow cooker liners. As long as you’re careful not to tear them while serving, it will make clean-up a breeze.